Rewarding Careers At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare facility located on the southern coast of England that has been in operation for the last 25 years. They are dedicated to providing care to seniors who can no longer care for themselves, and other adults who need specialized attention by a team of trained caregivers and medical doctors. It is run by two joint chairmen- Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Boghani brought his experience in managing hotels, and Sachedina brought his medical experience from being a dental surgeon; combined the two men have created a growing, full of life adult healthcare network.

The first Sussex Healthcare facility was opened in 1985. They had a humble beginning but after years of experience, they expanded and opened over 20 facilities. Their facilities include fully equipped gyms, daycare facilities, and full-care houses. They specialize in live-in residences for patients that have dementia or Alzheimer’s and care for young adults that suffer from neurological disabilities and other cognitive diseases. They have facilities that are specialized for patients that need both extensive and limited care needs.

The trained care giving staff and support team commit to taking care of its patients who reside in the Sussex Healthcare facilities. Their philosophy on which they operate is to give people their deserved care, leisure, social, and recreational activities to ensure that the lives in their facilities are lives worth living. That being said, Sussex Healthcare engages residents by giving them beautiful natural surroundings, personalized leisure, and caregivers that have activities planned for them, encouraging residents to stay active and engaged.

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The care givers and support team receive continuous training and education. Their commitment to taking care to its facilities’ residents and competitive compensation plan are all what makes the Sussex Healthcare unique.

The facility is currently hiring new employees for several open positions. They are in need of an activity assistant to help plan activities for residents, payroll administrators and supervisors to administer payroll to its employees. The facility is in need of registered nurses and care home managers to medically care for the patients. Senior care assistants and domestic assistants are needed to help within the houses and facilities. Dozens of other jobs from facility cleaners and kitchen assistants, to registered nurses and doctors are currently open. The competitive pay, bonus packages, and rewarding job makes working here a dream job for anyone with a passion for caring for others.

Fusion on the Go by Talk Fusion The New App its Customers have Been Waiting For

Video marketing is a new and emerging niche within the marketing world that many companies, as well as freelance individuals, are trying out. It is because video marketing has proven its worth by helping the enterprises achieve great results in the last few years. Most of the companies and freelance professionals who have used the products and services that use video marketing have witnessed a rise in their conversion rates as well as revenue. It has encouraged the use of video marketing products and services worldwide. One of the companies that have been paving the way for video marketing to become the leading marketing method worldwide is Talk Fusion, which was established in the year 2007.


As one of the leading video marketing companies in the world, Talk Fusion has achieved a lot of success since the time it was established. From time to time, Talk Fusion launches new products and services that promote video marketing. Currently, the products and services of Talk Fusion are available for use in more than 140 countries and counting. The large corporations, as well as freelance professionals, use the products and services of Talk Fusion because it is known to help increase the revenue substantially. Talk Fusion has been in the news recently for the launching of its new product named Fusion on the Go, which is a new age video chat app that has many features that can possible revolutionize the video communication and marketing field. The Fusion on the Go can allow the users to hold video conferences online and can also provide the users the means to communicate with their clients, customers, colleagues, and friends.


Talk Fusion has always been on the forefront of technology, and the new app with excellent features has proven to be great for its associates. They can use the app while they are on the move allowing them to conduct their business irrespective of the place they are in. Fusion on the Go has received great reviews from its users, and the company is hoping that the new app will allow them to expand their customer base too. Learn more:


Doe Deere-Master Puppeteer of Color

Doe Deere thought outside the box and broke the mold when it comes to makeup and beauty items. When she couldn’t find the right colors to compliment her creative clothing line to advertise on eBay, she came up with her own. Her new look caught on, and she found that others wanted to get their hands on her unique makeup options. She found her niches market and went with it.

Deere has always followed her heart and is expressive. She was not about to settle for the makeup options available to her but rather, she was going to create something that they had never seen before. Her makeup and hair products are bright and bold, and they are also made from natural ingredients. That means that there is absolutely no animal testing and her products are vegan as well.

Lime Crime is her brand, and she keeps it fresh and exciting by always coming up with new and even brighter palettes to offer her fans.

Deere’s biggest tool to helping her business to grow would have to be social media and especially Instagram where she has 3 million followers and counting. Facetune has also been a useful tool for her.

Deere is always open to criticism and listens to her fans. She is not one to put her head in the sand and wants to be up on what is going on. Deere uses this feedback to make her business grow and to give her fans what they want.

Deere was not always set on being the head of her own company and even attended the Fashion Institute in New York for a time. However, she felt like she needed to follow her heart and pursue her own dreams and that got her to where she is now. She is a strong female figure who has even spoken at the PHAMEexpo and at Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She also shares her success by supporting many organizations and charities. These include the Red Cross, HOLA for kids, Sanctuary for Families, and Adopt NY, to name a few.

Deere’s products range from makeup items like brushes and eyeshadows to unicorn hair dyes. All of her products are animal-friendly and vegan. Deere is a big animal lover and would never harm any animals in the making of her products.

Deere has plan to add even more fun and interesting products to her current assortment of colorful makeup and beauty items and has acquired a new manufacturing facility for her chemists to work in. She is excited to begin each new day and to do what she loves to do.

Deere believes that if you are yourself and follow your passion, there will be no stopping you. Everyone needs to embrace their own personality and to just be themselves. She also encourages taking risks because that is when great things can happen. Deere gains inspiration from other greats such as Karl Lagerfeld, her favorite author, and she doesn’t stop having fun even while working.


Connect with Doe Deere on LinkedIn.

Drone Detection System by Securus Technologies Help Tackle the Problem of Drones in Prisons

Drones have become quite popular these days because of the many tasks that they can help achieve. They are extensively used in photography and movies. Large retail companies also use them for delivery of goods. Even though for them it is in the testing stage, the criminals are already using them to make delivery of their own. The drones in the hand of the criminals have been creating issues for the prison industry. Using the drones, the criminals on the outside can make delivery illegal items such as phones, drugs and other things to the inmates. For inmates, these are a luxury and allow them to gain power over others. Many of these drones also deliver weapons such as knives and guns that have allowed prisoners to try to break out from the prisons.


Law already bans the use of drones near prisons, but that has not stopped the criminals from trying their best. The prison industries have been using different types of systems to help them detect the drones, but most of them have not been foolproof so far as many of these drones easily find their way into the prison yard. With the increase in the number of drones being caught inside the prison yard, no one can tell how many do not get caught. It is only after the contraband items are caught that the prison officials come to know that other drones were successful in their mission.


Securus Technologies, the top inmate communications company, has dedicated itself to finding a system that will detect these drones and help stop it. The company has recently launched their most advanced drone detection technology that would help law enforcement agencies to track these drones and stop them before they cause any harm. The new system is already up and running in many facilities and is expected to be installed in many more in the coming weeks.



Securus Technologies and The Benefits of Its Wireless Containment Solutions for Jail Employees

Many challenges bust one’s chops from working in a corrections facility. I believe that one of the people who have felt these challenges is Robert Johnson, who is a Delray Beach Native and who had worked in the Lee Correctional Institution based in South Carolina. The most significant problem that he faced while working there was so intense that it almost threatened his life.


The Tragedy


Mr. Robert has been in the inmate cell for 15 years, but the striking thing that happened to Robert Johnson happened to him one night when he was shot at home right when the shooter got the Shoot To Kill command from inside the prison. If it weren’t for that call that came from the inside, it wouldn’t have been possible for the shooter to hit Robert at home.


Weeks before the shooting happened, Robert Johnson was raiding a cell inside the jail and confiscated some contraband material. It must have been because of this that the person aggravated by such raid decided to lay a grudge against Mr. Johnson.


Doctors who treated Robert Johnson said that because of the shots that he received, he would need recurring series of operations just to cope with the pain. The tragedy was so much that it was still a surprise that Robert was still alive today.


Fortunately, the shooter was already arrested and convicted for the threat that he gave to the life of Robert Johnson. And fortunately, after the recovery, Mr. Johnson, perhaps as a sign of gratitude, now works for Securus Technologies as a consultant and helps in implementing the Wireless Containment Solutions that Securus has prepared. Right now, Mr. Johnson is also getting more purpose for his life by being a paid consultant for Securus and by making sure that no phone calls from and to the jails get made. He now acts as a sort of a guardian and a gatekeeper in the jail just to prevent the tragedy he suffered from affecting other individuals.


Surely, there are many things that Mr. Johnson can do to give back to the society and thanks to the Wireless Containment Solutions that he helps implement, more people will benefit from the new ways to prevent crime and preventable accidents from being realized.


Wireless Containment Solutions

In a BusinessWire article, I also learned that Wireless Containment Solutions is a solution from Securus, a leading provider of criminal justice tech solutions, will be able to track the calls that come from the inmate’s cells or from outside to the prison. Because of this, there’s a higher chance now that the tragedy that Robert Johnson will be prevented and will no longer affect others.


Indeed, with these two news articles that we read about Robert Johnson and Wireless Containment Solutions, I think there are now more reasons why we may be put more our trust in Securus today.



Dallas, Texas Is Reinventing Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

For quite some time, butt lift surgery was frowned upon, and it was always the brunt of many jokes. When it comes to physiques or figures, you either have it, or you don’t. Fortunately, we are living in some of the most modern of times and many people of this era are a lot more liberal with their way of thinking. In all honesty, everyone wants to look their best and to look their best at all times. One of the top ways for enhancing on your genetics is by obtaining a butt lift. Yes, the butt lift has been around for an extended period of time, but people are now taking full-advantage of this extraordinary medical procedure.


Butt lift surgery may not be the cheapest medical procedure in the book, but it provides some of the best results. Patients can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 – $15,000. Of course there are many factors that goes into the final price. Your doctor, the medical facility and your geographical location will definitely play a role in the total cost. The city of Dallas has a copious amount of plastic surgeons who specialize in this subject. These surgeons are highly trained, has many years of experience and are well-known. For anyone who is seeking assistance, you should definitely consult with more than one surgeon. Try and find a surgeon that has similar aspirations and goals as yourself and never settle for the surgeon with the cheapest price.


Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a butt lift specialist to the highest degree. He is also board-certified, which gives him plenty of proper certification. Dr. Sam Jejurikar works his magic at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Charles A. Wallace of Beauty by Design Reconstructive Surgery is board-certified, and he provides his services at two different locations. All in all, hopefully you have a much better sense of what to expect from butt lift surgery and Dallas, Texas, is surely the place to be.


Successful Visium Businessman Jacob Gottlieb Gives Back to the Less Fortunate

It is good for society when a successful businessman like Jacob Gottlieb decides to give back to the less fortunate by investing time, energy and resources to local charities in their city. Our society functions better when men of success and renowned devote themselves to eliminating some of the ill effects of the downtrodden and less fortunate in our society. Jacob Gottlieb the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Visium Asset Management LLC. Visium Asset Management LLC was founded by Jacob Gottlieb in 2005, and it has become a well-established very profitable Asset Management Company on Wall Street in New York City, New York. Throughout his career, Jacob has developed a pattern of success through evaluating companies and picking successful winning stocks based on his extensive analysis. After establishing himself as a very successful entrepreneur and businessman, he has begun giving back to the City of New York through various charitable organizations. One organization, in particular, is Covenant House that helps homeless children in the city of New York to reestablish themselves back into society. Another organization Jacob devotes time and resources to is the Math for America. This organization was formed to help foster the promotion of mathematics education and the resulting opportunities provided to individuals that can develop and expand their knowledge of mathematics and mathematical concepts. Another worthy charitable organization that Jacob Gottlieb gives to is called Robin Hood charities. Robin Hood charity is an organization established to fight poverty in the City of New York and provide resources and opportunities to those individuals who are battling the rising prices of goods and services through inflation in the United States in order to live a productive and prosperous life in the city of New York. Jacob has made it a priority in his life to not only be successful on Wall Street as an investment manager but also to be successful within society by giving back to others that are less fortunate and just need a helping hand.


Talk Fusion Revolutionizing Marketing and Communication

Talk Fusion is one of the greatest companies that has revolutionized the technology industry and has created many products in the latest technology in most fields. The management of the company has welcomed the idea of using video chatting in its operations. This comes barely months after winning award in their products because of the platform of video chat that they have created. The company has advanced the use of the application. The application has been made to include video support, advanced and superior contact management system, customized URLs and has also encompassed the creation of permanent chat rooms. The application has also been made to include advanced desktop, file, and screen sharing transfer services. All these have been made and geared towards making the product one of the best in the market.


Talk Fusion has also enhanced the security of Video Chat. Talk Fusion has also created it in such a way that the third party person cannot access it unless with the required plugins. Talk Fusion also has the powers to disrupt the current standards of the product in the video communicating industry to institute new features in its system. According Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer in the company, the new video chat will provide the most effective communication with improved voice quality which is provided by WebRTC for the users. According to Page, the product has been made with the most advanced modern technology and also the components of the product are the latest components in the world.


Bob Reina, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion has total confidence in the new product. He has acknowledged that the new video chat that has been made in the company adapts itself to the person using the product and the person does not have to adapt to the product. The new video chat was intensively tested before it was made available to the public in order to enhance quality.


Talk Fusion has created many award-winning products in the technology field and video marketing solutions. The company provides video marketing solutions and conferencing platforms with their various products. Talk Fusion has commanded a large market share with their unique products and most renowned companies in the world are using their products. The company has achieved considerable success since it was founded more than a decade ago. Bob Reina, the company’s Chief Executive Officer has affirmed that indeed the company has changed thousands of lives and revolutionized both the communication and marketing platforms.  Learn more:

How Alexandre Gama Found Success In Brazil’s Advertising Industry

In 2002, a newspaper by the name of Meio e Mensagem listed Neogama/BBH as its “Agency of the Year.” It wasn’t so long before, however, that the company was just getting off of the ground.

A Brazilian businessman named Alexandre Gama, a creative professional and advertising entrepreneur, started up his advertising agency called Neogama in 1999. He took over the positions of both CCO and CEO in his new company. Neogama got off to an extremely impressive start, becoming the most rapidly growing Brazilian advertising agency throughout its first few years of operation.

Things got even bigger for the young company when Mr. Gama joined forces with another advertising agency from London, England named BBH. While doing business as Neogama/BBH, the agency captured a lot of attention, especially from the Meio e Mensagem newspaper.

Alexandre Gama Works To The Top Of The Advertising World

In the advertising business since graduating from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in 1982, Gama began to cut his teeth in copywriting right after graduation. After nearly a decade he moved onto being a creative director, where he excelled. He was so successful that he was asked to be the CEO and COO of Young & Rubicam in 1996, where he led the company successfully for the next three years. In 1999, Gama formed his own advertising agency which immediately became successful, winning 2 Golden Lions at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

His firm, Neogama, has gone on to win 21 more Golden Lions since 2000. He was selected as the first Latin American to teach a Masterclass at Cannes in 2008 and was named to act as Jury Foreman of the D&AD Foundation in 2004. He served as a jury member at A&DD in 2008 and 2013 as well.