Inmate Communications Provided by Securus

When inmates are jailed and imprisoned, it can be a really jarring experience for them. One of the worst parts of this experience is that they are away from their families and friends. Fortunately, most jails have arrangements for people to visit inmates. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few arrangements made so that people can keep in touch with their inmates. One thing that the inmate needs is to be able to have some kind of look back at their lives that they are spending time away from while they are serving their time. Fortunately, there is a company that works very hard on providing this service.


Securus is the company that makes sure that people are able to communicate with one another while one is serving time behind bars. The best part about this is that there are so many advancements being made to this type of technology so that people can visit in a more efficient manner. For a while, people had to drive to prisons or jails in order to visit their inmates. Then Securus has set up a jail phone system where inmates can call and talk with their families for a little bit.


Recently, with the advent of mobile and smart technologies, communications have been improved thanks to Securus. There are now more options for inmates and families to connect with one another so that they will be able to keep track. One thing that Securus is doing is working on ways to make the jail and prison system to be more of a constructive rehabilitating system as opposed to a vindictive retaliative one. This is one of the best aspects of Securus is that they are always working towards a solution to the issue of public safety. Securus also has payment plans for usage of these programs.


Doe Deere – How To Create Your Own Successful Business

Creating your own business isn’t always that easy. There’s so much in the world that there will always be more people to sell what you have to offer. The truth is that you really need to know how to create a company that stands out and does what it promises. If you are struggling, give these tips some thought because they might strike a chord for you and help you make wise choices online. The best thing you can do is to take what she has done and do it for yourself.


She built her business off of one of her biggest passions which was makeup. The truth is that makeup isn’t always something good to jump into unless you have a unique approach to your brand. The way she works is very interesting because she definitely saw the potential after she knew that she just needed to focus her business in a different way. Doe Deere is ultimately one of the best makeup artists in today’s generation. If you know how to position your brand in a unique way, you can grow your company the right way and see countless progress.


Doe Deere believes that it’s always about creating a company that you know stands up for what you think best stands up for who you are. There are countless people who find it tough to find what they are passionate about and how they can organize their business idea into something profitable.


Creating a business plan is the final part of this process before you submit this idea to a potential investor. A business plan is what you will present to some people who can possibly give you the funding to start this business venture of yours. Not only is this an exciting part, but it’s a way for you to dissect every point of your brand from top to bottom. What’s best is to have a complete plan written down of everything you plan on doing with the money. This showcases to the investors that you do indeed have plans with the money, and you should be able to slowly pay them back with whatever interest they ask of you.


Having a good business plan is key to knowing where your brand is going to head into the near future. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a woman who has worked incredibly hard to create and build Lime Crime.


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Learn About The Success Of Wine Guides

Napa Valley has been famous because of its high standard produced wine. The area is proud of the quality of grapes being produced by their lands hence spearheading the fame. Napa also has more to offer than just wine which proves to be great of all. Fascinating view and attractive sites are witnessed when one takes the route of paved roads instead of the normal tourists’ road.

There are various things that tour guides like to do in Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides include a stroll on over to the Napa Art Walk. This is a wider display of the three-dimensional arts. This is from creative and brilliant minds from across the country. This also has given a lime light to the sculpturing sector. Tourists are advised to carry money because of the attractive pieces of sculptures that are ready for purchases.

The second amazing activity includes a dig up of the past at Napa Valley Historical Society. Several questions trigger one mind like who were early inhabitants of Napa, how did the Napa Valley look like in the previous decades? These questions are well answered at Napa Valley Historical Society. This organization amerces physical pieces that represent Napa history. These collections help to investigate and reconstruct the past of Napa.

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Other fascinating places include the Roberts Stevenson State Park. In is situated in California State which is known for its favorable weather. Tourists are always motivated to take advantage of the weather. One can climb Mt. St. Helena which is famous and a large tourist attraction center. One can enjoy beautiful sceneries like the blue sky, majestic mountains, and inspiring tree lines.

One can become a member as wine guides by buying a success kit that incorporates everything that one needs to start off. The kits entail more than marketing materials, brochures, and order forms. Several items such as decanters and beautiful glasses for wine are found in the kit. The benefits for this organization includes easy money making methods, there are low start up costs and are reputable. It was launched by wine tasting, and since then, wine guides totaling to thousands have successful hence creating employment.

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InnovaCare Health Values

There are too many challenges facing today’s healthcare environment. Healthcare seems like it should be simple, but it’s incredibly complex. Thankfully, there are companies like InnovaCare Health. Well, in truth, no company is like InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare is taking today’s complex healthcare environment on head-on.

InnovaCare Health is led by an extraordinary team of experts. Every member is focused on strengthening patient-provider relationships. Strong relationships give way to better communication, and better communication leads to better quality health care. Much of InnovaCare’s resources are used to build sustainable models of managed care. The perfect model combines coordination, cost-effectiveness, and innovation, and is driven by quality.

At InnovaCare, the patients always come first. Second is the quality care they receive. That’s the end goal for a physician working at an InnovaCare facility; quality medical care. That’s why patient-provider relationships are so important. It leads to healthier, longer lasting outcomes and enhances the patient’s quality of life. According to,

InnovaCare is what it is because of its medical practices and networks. InnovaCare is led by strong physicians who ensure quality care, efficiency, and sustainability. Part of being a strong leader is taking responsibility. Every stakeholder at InnovaCare is held accountable to their high standards.

Dr. Richard Shinto is a big part of InnovaCare. He’s currently President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. Prior to InnovaCare, he was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. He worked there until its sale in 2012. Upon joining InnovaCare, he worked with their health plans. Now, he’s CEO of their health plans in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Shinto’s worked in managed care for more than 20 years with a focus on clinical and operational healthcare. He has medical tenure in Southern California as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He’s written numerous articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is another part of InnovaCare’s brilliant leadership. This is Kokkinides’s second time working with InnovaCare. The first time, she served as COO. Now, she’s their Chief Administrative Officer. She too worked at Aveta Inc. There, she was COO and VP of Clinical Operations.

Kokkinides specializes in working with government programs and the entire managed care industry. She’s worked in that field for over 20 years and has invaluable experience. She also has extensive knowledge in developing clinical programs and managing health care processes. View her infographic resume at

Sawyer Howitt: Entrepreneur

*Sawyer Howitt: a young Businessman with Big Ideas:

Sawyer Howitt is currently a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group. At a young age Howitt had an overwhelming interest in the financial planning market. Sawyer was born in 2000 in Portland Oregon. It was noticed at a young age that Sawyer Howitt was a gifted as well as curious child.

Hewitt had an exceptional talent to be able to figure out difficult spread sheets. In addition, Sawyer Hewitt had the ability to add large figures in his head with no problem whatsoever. Therefore, it can be said that Howitt had some noticeable mathematical ability that certainly served him well throughout his life.

Hewitt believes in using as many financial tools as possible to grow a business. In addition, Sawyer Hewitt stresses the importance of Investor Due Diligence and successfully managing your Cap Table. Keeping track of a corporations top producers is also critically important according to Hewitt.

In early 2017, Sawyer Hewitt was offered a position as Project Manager for the Meriwether Group. Hewitt gladly accepted this position and he has made the most of his abilities within the area of finance.

*Future Plans: Ambitions:

Hewitt plans on attending the University of California, Berkeley in September 2017. It would be quite accurate to say that Sawyer Hewitt plans on majoring in Business/Finance with a concentration on Accounting and Economics. With Sawyer Hewitt’s work ethic and natural abilities Hewitt will certainly do well at the University of California.

Sawyer Hewitt is pretty much up for any challenge. Sawyer himself has said many times that he feels no job or task is too small or too large for him to handle. In addition, he is an analytical person who refuses to quit until he finds an answer or solution to a difficult problem or situation.

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How Officers Use Securus Technologies to Locate Contraband

In all the years that I have been working in our local jail, we have never had such a rough go at stopping the flow of drugs into the hands of the inmates. My team of corrections officers are working hard each day to try and catch visitors bringing in drugs or we do surprise inspections in the cells to remove contraband. Even with these efforts each day, inmates will joke they can get drugs easier in jail than on the streets of the city.


It was only a matter of time before the prison reached out to Securus Technologies to install their inmate call monitoring system in our facility. This company has a reputation for making the world safer, and their CEO Richard Smith says his team of one thousand employees were at our disposal if we needed help getting up to speed on the system. My team was trained to use the LBS software, and we got right into figuring out how to stop this problem with contraband in the hands of the inmates.


During the first week of monitoring inmate calls, it became clear to us that we now had a resource that would take the place of a dozen officers and give us a peek into how things were operating right under our noses. One call we monitored revealed how these inmates were hiding the drugs inside the jail in places we thought that we had checked pretty thoroughly. Another time we picked up on chatter where an inmate was talking opening about how to slip contraband into the jail through the visitor center without arising any suspicions.


In only a few months we have made more discoveries and taken more drugs out of the jail than all last year combined. Securus Technologies has been key in helping us keep our facility safer.


Social Security Needs to Be Part of a Retirement Plan

Many people like to dismiss Social Security when they plan for retirement. Some believe it’s not going to be around forever. Others believe it’s not enough money to really matter. David Giertz, a broker and financial services advisor of 30 years, stresses the importance of Social Security.

Social Security is calculated based on the total income that a person has earned in their lifetime and the number of years that they worked. Once a person turns 62, they’re able to receive benefits. However, 66 and two months is the full retirement age. Giertz recommends that, if possible, a person should wait until full retirement to pull their benefits.

Too many companies no longer offer a pension to their employees. “That is something that we saw for our parents and our grandparents,” comments David Giertz, who is now an advisor in Dublin, Ohio. Those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a pension will likely use Social Security as their primary source of retirement income.

It is then possible to supplement the income with a cash benefit from a whole life insurance policy, an IRA, 401k, and much more.

Financial advisors around the country also urge people to prepare for retirement before they have to file for Social Security according to This includes paying down debt, paying off the mortgage on their home, and creating a nest egg of funds in their savings account.

With planning and saving, everything is possible. As long as a person is entitled to Social Security, it should be part of the retirement plan on

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Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating And Friendship Being Fun

When people are moving to new cities there is always a chance that they are going to be in a place where they know of no one in their City. They may connect with workers at their job, but this is not the same as having friends in a new city.

Whitney Wolfe is someone that is going to help many people that are new to a certain city find friends in the area. This is what the Bumble BFF app may be good for, and it shows that Whitney Wolfe was thinking of more than starting a dating app company.

Bumble is a company that hinges on the dating app, but this is only a portion of what Bumble represents. That is where Whitney Wolfe came into the picture with a greater perspective. Unlike her former dating app company, Tinder, the Bumble app is geared towards a variety of different social media aspects.

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With Bumble Bizz people are connecting with others and building network circles for job opportunities. With the Bumble BFF people are breaking away from dating and actually gaining friendships with people of the same sex that maybe interested in just hanging out.

Whitney Wolfe has done a great thing by creating these different avenues for connecting with different people. It can be very annoying for someone that is trying to network or just find a friend to be on a dating app where everyone is looking to date. The lines get crossed, conversations become blurred, and the end result is not that great. Whitney Wolfe has given people the ability to utilize Bumble for different things without going outside of their lane. People that want to talk business can talk business with people that are just trying to be friends can be friends.

Many people can’t appreciate this because it shows that Whitney Wolfe was thinking of more than another dating app. The world of the Google Play and Apple App Store has more than enough of these apps. Smart device users wanted something that was going to be different and exciting, and Whitney Wolfe delivered.

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Mike Heiligenstein Leads in Infrastructure Development through MoPac Project in CTRMA

The American-Statesman issued a statement stating that the infrastructure of Texas requires the attention of the government. In the statement released on 3rd September, the American-Statesman reasoned that Austin continues to experience traffic congestion because of the bad roads. The release of the statement came after the government’s participation in developing other toll roads in Austin including 183A Toll.Learn more :


In response to the Statesman’s concern, Mike Heiligenstein said that the issue of roads in Texas is a major concern for the government and that the agency was in charge of developing roads. Mike also stated that the government would take up the case because just like they built the 183A toll road, they were responsible for building smart roads in the entire county. Mike said that he was appreciative of the statement released by the Statesman and that he agrees that the roads must be developed through modern as well as unique resources. Through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, it is possible to improve roads to address traffic woes.


The MoPac road project in Austin is worth $ 200 million. The project is an improvement of the Austin roads. The aim of the project is to add express lanes to Parmer Lane. Besides the addition of express lanes, the MoPac project will include the addition of sound walls as well as the enhancement of the side roads used by pedestrians. The project will also upgrade the corridor’s visual appearance. The primary mission of the agency is to invent resources and strategies towards the implementation of smart roads.Learn more :


The new MoPac project CTRMA is set to build will comprise various variable tolling that utilizes sophisticated technology. This will assist in managing traffic flow. The reality of the project is that in as much as it is an initiative to eliminate traffic and congestion, it will not be spacious enough for the entire county as the population is larger than the roads. The road will be useful for rush hour projects like for people who need to report to work at early hours of the day.

Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is a career executive and chief director of CTRMA. The agency is an independent firm that was established to improve infrastructure. Under the insightful leadership of Mike, CTRMA has been in the lead of preserving as well as enhancing quality life in the society of Texas. Mike was selected for the role following his competent expertise in infrastructure. He continues to lead the developmental infrastructure projects in Texas.Learn more :


George Soros Believes In Accountable Governments

On matters governance and politics, there is one billionaire you can expect to have a high opinion and greater involvement. The man is called George Soros. George Soros is undoubtedly one of the few billionaires who has been able to conquer both the business world and the global political space. He is one of the most outspoken individuals on democracy, transparent governments, and human rights. In his early 80’s George Soros still exudes an air of self-confidence, strength, and determination. Soros is known to have triumphed various evils against himself and other people.

Apart from having a lot regarding personal wealth, George Soros is acclaimed in the business one world as one of the top donors to charities that seek to better the lives of many across the globe. George Soros is valued for his input in the campaign against human rights violations in different nations across the world. Soros is known to be very generous. He has helped victims of political instability countries such as South Africa and the LGBT communities across the globe. Learn more on about George Soros.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, George Soros took ventured into the financial markets. Little did he know that a lot of success was awaiting him in this field? George Soros carried with him the prudent economic ideas he had learned at LSE. He had tried his hands in menial jobs so that he could see himself through college.

During his study period at the London School of Economics, George Soros got a rare opportunity of being nurtured by one of the most distinguished professors of his time. The professor was an expert in philosophy by the name Karl Popper. Many of George Soros’ ideas and works in the philanthropy world are mostly inspired by the views of Karl Popper. George believes that transparent governments that are accountable to their electorate are the foundations of progressive societies.

George Soros’ brainchild, the Open Society Foundations has initiated programs that seek to influence policies that support democratic governments across the globe. In the year 1979 when many young blacks had been segregated due to the apartheid struggle in South Africa, George Soros provided scholarships to young African so that they could be empowered and later liberate their country.

George Soros has been on the front line in the American politics. In the year 2016, he spent a considerable amount of money on campaigning for Hillary Clinton and other candidates in the Democrats Party. George Soros is convicted that through the right policies and constant agitation for change, societies could achieve transparent governments, equality regarding public resources distribution and accountability. Otherwise, we might not be able to solve some of humanities’ most stubborn problems. Soros’ work has been consequential to communities across the globe. Read more at Politico about George Soros.