Sawyer Howitt: Entrepreneur

*Sawyer Howitt: a young Businessman with Big Ideas:

Sawyer Howitt is currently a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group. At a young age Howitt had an overwhelming interest in the financial planning market. Sawyer was born in 2000 in Portland Oregon. It was noticed at a young age that Sawyer Howitt was a gifted as well as curious child.

Hewitt had an exceptional talent to be able to figure out difficult spread sheets. In addition, Sawyer Hewitt had the ability to add large figures in his head with no problem whatsoever. Therefore, it can be said that Howitt had some noticeable mathematical ability that certainly served him well throughout his life.

Hewitt believes in using as many financial tools as possible to grow a business. In addition, Sawyer Hewitt stresses the importance of Investor Due Diligence and successfully managing your Cap Table. Keeping track of a corporations top producers is also critically important according to Hewitt.

In early 2017, Sawyer Hewitt was offered a position as Project Manager for the Meriwether Group. Hewitt gladly accepted this position and he has made the most of his abilities within the area of finance.

*Future Plans: Ambitions:

Hewitt plans on attending the University of California, Berkeley in September 2017. It would be quite accurate to say that Sawyer Hewitt plans on majoring in Business/Finance with a concentration on Accounting and Economics. With Sawyer Hewitt’s work ethic and natural abilities Hewitt will certainly do well at the University of California.

Sawyer Hewitt is pretty much up for any challenge. Sawyer himself has said many times that he feels no job or task is too small or too large for him to handle. In addition, he is an analytical person who refuses to quit until he finds an answer or solution to a difficult problem or situation.

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